Cedar Lumber & Siding
Why Choose Western Red Cedar?

Western Red Cedar is a highly sought after and durable wood with many benefits. It is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects which means that anything you build will last longer and require far less maintenance.

Aesthetically there is no substitute for Western Red Cedar. Its rich tonal properties can be used anywhere from your outdoor sanctuary, traditional interior home decor and cutting-edge architecture.  It is simply so gorgeous AND versatile that it is a no brainer for designers and DIY-ers alike.
Versatility is no problem with Western Red Cedar. It is pitch and resin free. This means that it is ideal for accepting a whole host of beautiful finishes from dark and elegant stains to more modern bleaches to the more traditional solid colors and semi transparent stains. It is also offered in endless patterns, profiles, sizes and finishes ensuring that there will almost certainly be the perfect Western Red Cedar product for your project.

Sustainability...In terms of environmental performance, natural wood has been scientifically proven superior in every way to its synthetic competition. Western Red Cedar actually removes greenhouse gasses while composites and synthetics create them while being manufactured. Cedar is also renewable and biodegradable unlike the likes of concrete, brick and other composites. Western Red Cedar is also sourced from some of the most sustainably managed forests in the world. It is truly “Green Building” at its best. 

Sidings & Profiles